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 stephen king @t the late night

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Date d'inscription : 15/07/2004

stephen king @t the late night Empty
MessageSujet: stephen king @t the late night   stephen king @t the late night EmptyVen 30 Sep 2005 - 18:10

le 23 septembre, stephen king étaitun invité de dernière minute face a un désistement d'une autre vedette.
invité de conan o brienpour son émission "the late night"

le show est dispo sur

le show retranscrit en anglais est :

Citation :

-transcript of stephen king on conan-

c: how are you? thanks for coming.

sk: i'm good. i'm good. how are you?

c: i'm doing very well. i was thinking about something today, thinking about you coming on the show. it's almost halloween, a couple of weeks away from halloween, and i've got to think there's a lot of pressure on you on halloween...

sk: halloween

c: because when kids ring your bell and you answer the door, it's stephen king, it's halloween, if you just give them a clark bar and say have a nice evening it's somehow gone awry. do you know what i mean? is there pressure on you to do something kind of crazy or intense?

sk: i hate halloween.

c: you hate halloween? really? wow.

sk: i loathe halloween.

c: you loathe halloween? for the reason that i just described?

sk: if i could go to the gulag on halloween i probably would because it used to be we stayed home and literally thousands of people, litterally, would converge on the house, and we gave out i don't know how much in candy and everything else, and we got to the point where we were thinking about bringing in fog machines and putting up fake gravestones and everything. and i'm like, "hold on here a second, i'm turning into like the halloween santa clause."

c: right. right. it just became too much about "let's all go to stephen king's house for halloween. that's gonna be a really fun thing to do."

sk: exactly. and, i mean, santa clause, he isn't real, and i am, sort of, so you know...

c: santa clause might be real. i'm still holding out hope for santa clause out there.

sk: well, it could be.

c: yeah. i'm curious. did you... you give so many people nightmares. what about you, do you get nightmares? do you ever wake up in the middle of the night - uhh, uhh! (shudders) - and you had a really scary dream?

sk: pass them on. it's sort of like a passing a gallstone, you know? just pass them on to other people and i sleep like a baby.

c: so you give nightmares, but you yourself sleep fine.

sk: it's more blessed to give than receive, conan. and, you know, it's a good thing because, obviously, some of the stuff i've done is fairly twisted...

c: right.

sk: and it's the kind of thing like, if you had these fantasies in real life, as opposed to my life, you would go to a shrink and pay $60 $70, $80 an hour. and it's not even a full hour, it's a 50 minute hour, and i get paid for these things, you know?

c: right.

sk: it's just, it's a great life.

c: so instead of going to a therapist you just write it down and people pay a lot of money to read it.

sk: sometimes they go to movies even.

c: right. well, let's talk about that because you were one of the first people to have the idea that a clown could be a scary figure. you actually, in IT, which became a movie, you wrote about a, you created a homicidal clown. it's very effective. did you find clowns scary when you were a kid?

sk: well you know, as a kid going to the circus, it would be like 12 full grown people that would pile out of a little tiny car. their faces were dead white, their mouths were red as though they were full of blood, they're all screaming, their eyes are huge. what's not to like? you know? so, yeah.

c: why were your clowns screaming?

sk: well, i mean...

c: yeah, i know what you mean. they had to come out, yeah.

sk: so i actually started to look at kids, when i grew up a little bit. and i said, you know, kids are terrified of them, and the parents are all like "aren't the clowns funny, johnny?" and johnny's are like "no! get me the hell out of here! these people are all crazy!" because they are monstrous looking and children are really afraid of them. they do have that sort of monstrous thing going for them.

c: did you ever have a personal interaction with a clown that scared you?

sk: yeah. well, not exactly scared me, but i was on a book tour, my first big book tour, and i was on mu way home. you do 9, 10, 11 cities in four days. it's surreal anyway, by the time you get done. cleavland was the last city and the plane started to pull away from the gate. we were gonna go from cleavland to burlington to portland where i was gonna get off and drive home. the plane pulls away from the gate, and then it pulls back in, and i'm sitting in first class. and the door opens again and ronald mcdonald gets on the airplane. he's fully dressed...

c: fully clothed ronald mcdonald. yeah.

sk: fully clothed, you know. sits down next to me, because i attract weirdness. i'm like a weirdness magnet. and i was so weirded out by that point after all these rubber chicken dinners and everything else i wasn't even surprised. here he is, orange hair, orange shoes, the whole nine yards. he sits down next to me. this is years ago. plane takes off, no smoking light goes off. he pulls out a pack of kents, lights up.

c: ronald lights up a cigarette.

sk: a kent. and he orders a gin and tonic from the stewardess. he's sitting there drinking a gin and tonic, smoking a kent. and i say the only thing i can think of, "where did you come from?" and he says "mcdonaldland."

c: mcdonaldland. yeah.

sk: yeah, right. so i say, "no, really, where did you come from"?" and he had come from mcdonaldland, which is a real place in chicago. he was gonna open a mcdonalds in burlington, vermont. but, you talk about surreal.

c: sure.

sk: 40,000 feet with ronald mcdonald. and you're thinking "what if this plane crashes? i'm gonna die next to a clown."

c: a drunken one too. yeah. "you don't know what it's like!" (imitating drunk clown)

sk: that's right.

c: i have to ask you this because i'm from boston. i know that you are a lifelong red sox fan.

sk: right.

c: and you always... i remember you talking about this, you were famous for saying that you were so convinced they were never going to win the world series that you were gonna actually put something to that effect on your gravestone. is that right?

sk: i was gonna have a gravestone that said "not in my lifetime."

c: right.

sk: but somebody sent me a tshirt at the end of last year that said "now i can die in peace."

c: that's very nice.

sk: that was really nice, and i'm gonna wear that tshirt, but hopefully i won't die for a long time. and i can see that happening two or three more times. it doesn't look that good this year right now but...

c: yeah. well, you never know. are you one of those people who's just happy now that it happened? you know, "i don't need it to happen again this year." you don't need the red sox to do it this year?

sk: well, did you feel that way about your first sexual experience?

c: oh, well, it actually... the way it went down, yes. exactly how i felt.

sk: but it wasn't that way with the red sox.

c: then later on when i was in my 50's... the colorado kid is gonna be in stores on october 4th.

sk: it's little but it's powerful.

c: yeah. related to what we were just talking about. yeah. it's getting dirty fast. i'm going to commercial. and this weekend stephen's gonna be at the new yorker festival right here in mwe york city. real thrill. thank you so much for being here.

sk: same here.

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stephen king @t the late night
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